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Please note that each Scholarship costs the Easter Orchestral Society a significant amount. Subsidised places are paid for by EOS, drawing on charitable donations and subscriptions from other EOS participants and members of the public. EOS is a Registered Charity (No. 1153970) which aims to advance public education in the performance and the appreciation of music.

Since subsidised places are awarded to increase participation in EOS’s activities, recipients are expected to make the most of the opportunity. This is particularly important because there are always more applicants than subsidised places.


Conditions Attached to the Award of Subsidised Places
  1. Recipients are expected to attend all scheduled full orchestral and sectional sessions, unless there are good reasons for absence (e.g. illness).
  2. Recipients must behave appropriately during EOS sessions.
  3. Where an award is made, recipients should make every effort to attend the Week. In cases where this becomes impossible – for example, for medical reasons – recipients are expected to inform the EOS Secretary immediately so that their award can be transferred to another player.
EOS Scholarship Application for young players (18 - 25)
Use this form to apply for a Scholarship if you will be aged between 18 - 25 when the Easter Week starts. Scholarships are only available for strings and harp. If successful, scholarships will cover accommodation, full board and all subscriptions. Scholarship numbers are limited, so please apply as early as possible.